Welcome to the Erasmus Mundus Mobility with Asia!

EMMA is for funding Asia to Europe individual mobility flows of academics from Partner Countries. This programme is fully sponsored by the Erasmus Mundus External Cooperation Window action from EACEA. Awardees are undergraduate, master, PhD students, PostDocs and Staff from partners countries.

The remaining scholarships and grants are for Doctoral and Post-Doctoral researchers.
This is a great opportunity to spend one semester in a partner university for researchers from Asia and Europe.

See for details.

Available Scholarships for EMMA-5 EAST 3rd Cohort, Second Call

The available scholarships are listed below. Please be guided accordingly.

Mobility Types
* D6 Doctorate (6 months) - 6 months scholarship for a PhD student
* P6 Post-Doctorate (6 months) - 6 months scholarship

For Asian Applicants
* For Partner or Non-Partner Asian Universities (TG2)
  - Cambodia P6
  - Laos P6
  - Mongolia P6
  - Myanmar P6
  - Philippines P6
  - Thailand P6
  - Vietnam P6
  - Other P6
For European Applicants
* For Partner European Universities (TG1)
  - Cambodia D6
  - Laos D6
  - Mongolia D6
  - Myanmar D6
  - Philippines D6
  - Thailand D6
  - Vietnam D6
* For Partner or Non-Partner European Universities (TG2)
  - Cambodia D6, P6
  - Laos D6, P6
  - Mongolia D6, P6
  - Myanmar D6, P6
  - Philippines D6, P6
  - Thailand D6, P6
  - Vietnam D6, P6